About Aletha

Over the past decade I have experienced how massage therapy positively influences lives. Whether seeking relaxation, improved range of motion, preparing to give natural birth, treatment of injury from sports, surgery, or auto accidents, or looking to shape the body for personal well-being, I help you heal and connect with the sense of peace and wellness that you deserve.

My calling started in 2005 when training a dear client who hurt her shoulder using dumbbells. When I took the weights away and touched her shoulder, she told me that my hands were hot and suddenly her shoulder felt better. She said to me, “I think you missed your calling.” As simple as it sounds, I found myself experiencing similar situations over the years. Applying my hands and working on an injury or painful knot remedied issues that others therapists tried to treat without success.

Feeling the joy and fulfillment I get when helping someone regain their mobility, especially those who believe it was lost forever, made me realize that I want to bless others with the talents that God gave me.

Today, my patients come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and I’ve been blessed to heal the hurting in full time practice since 2018.

My credentials include graduating from Parker University with AAS in Massage & a certificate in Massage. Certification as a Nutrition Specialist & Physical Fitness Specialist and a certificate in BioMechanics from the Cooper Institute at the Dallas location. I am Prenatal certified and I love helping sweet mothers to be move and prepare for natural birth.

When you visit my practice, you are the most important person who’s ever been on my table. I make the effort to earn your body’s trust. I help you learn to connect with your body so you can find the physical and emotional relief from pent up energy that needs release.

I am honored to serve you in this journey which many find to be life changing.

To book an appointment, please text me at 940.781.4698 and I will reply at the earliest opportunity.